Giemme produces and markets doors and windows (windows, doors and sliding doors) in wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum and PVC for residential and industrial buildings, shutters, shutters, security systems, armored doors, garage doors and pergolas.

It also produces interior wooden doors: frosted glass doors, wooden and metal doors, lacquered doors, laminate doors.


VISION:Bio-climatic Pergola installed with Slide Glass and Slide Sheets Enclosures. Illumination and perimetral LED, and recessed Spot Lights.

OPERA:Bio-climatic Pergola, with Raso Drapes, Glass Sliding Enclosures, LED Perimetral Illumination and inserted Spot Lights.

BIO-CLIMATIC STRUCTURES designed to create a open living space accessorized by every comfort. Marked by elegant and refine design, OPERA integrates an efficient shade cover manufactured entirely in Aluminum, completed with lateral enclosures to also satisfy total protection. Perfect synthesis of a solution that allows to obtain diverse intensity of light and shade due to the adjustable aluminum blades. VISION allows to create personalized and custom space with the desired climate.


Slide Glass

SLIDE GLASS is a real window frame, with glass, which offers protection, brightness and maximum visibility to the outside with various glass closing solutions.


RASO is the perimeter curtain designed to complete the bioclimatic pergolas. Perfectly inserted in the supporting structure, it is available with filtering or darkening fabric.

Led Rgb

The perimeter RGB LEDs with white included or only white, integrated in the structure, illuminate the areas delimited by the pergolas creating spectacular visual effects. The colors and intensity can be adjusted as required with a remote control.


The SPOT LIGHT light points in white with dimmable intensity, can be recessed in the cover blades in any position, to solve any lighting need.