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Lift and slide OVERLUX ZERO / Wooden aluminium window

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Lift and slide overlux zero

Wood-aluminium lift and slide system characterized by a fixed part all in glass; the glass is bound to the threshold in the lower part with a glass-stopper profile fitted with a gasket and recessed directly into the frame on the other three sides, while the slading sash has the internal glass stopper square shaped as well as the external coating aluminium.
Made with laminated wood consisting of at least 3 wooden boards, both for fixed window frame profile and slading sash, glued with glue class D4 according to the specification provided by the standard EN 204. External coating with profiles of nominal thickness about 15/10 in aluminium painted with thermos-powders or electro-coloured.


Wood Surface treatment with products based on acrylic resins in aqueous emulsion; the applied cycle varies from three to six coats depending on the finish and the required durability.


Fixed lamellar window frame nominal section 184 x 56 mm
Fix and slading sash nominal section 100 x 68 mm
Plinth nominal section 100 x 68 mm.


Hardware Maico Rail-system type lift and slide complete with trolleys, guide and threshold.
Closure realized by means of joints of the window frame hooked on the rod/lock placed on the sliding sash.
Upper closing profile, on sliding sash, complete with gasket.
Central knot in wood complete with gaskets.


Vertical and lower outer gasket profile closed in EPDM, vertical and lower inner gasket in EPDM, PVC upper seal with fin and vertical seal of the central node in elaprene with fin.
Thermal threshold type “Climatech” in pultruded fiberglass (h=25mm).


Use of low-emission single-chamber double glazing with standard Argon gas, in accordance with the current regulations. Of variable thicknesses and types (solar control, safety, acoustic, satin…) according to requirements. Standard PVC spacer called “warm edge” suitable for improving thermal transmittance of the window frame, reducing linear thermal transmittance along the perimeter junction between glass and window frame.


Thermal insulation achievable up to UW value of 0.83 W/m2K.

*calculated thermal values (according to the standard UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and 2) with fir wood thermal transmittance on 1 sash dimensions 1230 x 1480mm (according to the standard UNI EN 14351-1), low-emission double glazing with value Ug = 0.6 (W/m²K)


Starting from 31 dB for windows based on glass noise reduction values up to 45 dB.

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