Giemme produces and markets doors and windows (windows, doors and sliding doors) in wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum and PVC for residential and industrial buildings, shutters, shutters, security systems, armored doors, garage doors and pergolas.

It also produces interior wooden doors: frosted glass doors, wooden and metal doors, lacquered doors, laminate doors.


The peculiarity is that the shaping of the glass stop can be chosen between different shapes (beveled, square or rounded) and the external cladding made with special brass alloy profiles, called building bronze, with different shapes; a further option is given by the interior shaping of the applied glass stop with a baroque shape.
The fixed frame and Casements are manufactured with engineer profiles, consisting of at least 3 wooden boards, glued with class D4 adhesive according to the specification required by the EN 204 standard.
The boards used for the lamellar profile might be joined with a finger-joint system depending on the use or technical specifications of the product.

Nominal fixed engineered frame section 64 x 70 mm or 2,519 x 2,755 Inches
Nominal operable engineered sash section 68 x 81 mm or 2,677 x 3,188 Inches

The fixed frame and operable sash are covered outside with profiles in bronze (brass) which can be finished in the following patinas: Coppery Bronze, Burnished and Antique.
The copper patina is performed by applying a product that reacts at the surface of the profile and produces the effect of aging green copper.
The burnishing treatment accelerates the natural process of patina formation giving the profile the typical appearance of bronze; antique bronze is obtained through a special burnishing that creates an aging effect.
The bronze profiles are fixed to the window frame, previously shaped and patina with nylon clip, both with a turning and a snap lever, allowing an optimal joining of free independent frames in their physiological movements.
The bronze building frames, within the normal feasibility limits, are joined in the corners by a weld.

Profile Sealed with triple stagger, quadruple gasket, two placed on sash, two placed on the bronze frame; drainage on windows is allowed through drilled holes inside the lower crosspiece of the bronze frame placed on the fixed wooden frame, thermal break threshold in anodized aluminum and polyamide (h = 25mm or 1 inch) on French doors.

Open and closing hardware, manufactured in anticorrosion treated steel for normal condition of use, applied in “12 mm air or 1/2 Inch” consists of angular hinges with micrometric adjustment in the three directions, ribbons-pawls with multiple closing points with insertion at the top- low self-regulating devices (mushrooms) and respective safety meetings, single-lever deadbolt on double doors; standard tilt and turn complete with “anti-false-maneuver butterfly”, microventilation device operable with 45 ° handle position.

Double Glazing unit of the low-emission glass and argon filled gas and aluminum spacer or “warm edge” on request; interior and / or exterior tempered or laminated glass, according to the minimum requirements established by the UNI 7697: 2015 standard; it is possible to insert triple glazing units with thicknesses not exceeding 40mm.

Surface treatment of wood with products based on acrylic resins in water emulsion; the cycle applied varies from three to six coats depending on the finish and durability required.